Cycling/Bike Fit

Nick Rees Cycling

I became a keen cyclist in about 2012 when I bought my first road bike. Since then I have ridden as often as I can, including completing events such as the Alpine Classic 250km event in 2018.

After having my first Bike Fit and feeling the improvements in comfort and performance when riding, I decided that I’d like to offer the same experience to my cycling clients. I learnt to fit shortly after and have been working with a range of cyclists ever since.

Bike Fitting is about fitting the bike to the person and their riding. I always complete a comprehensive assessment that includes a discussion about the cyclist, their current riding and cycling goals, injury history and a thorough physical examination. I then spend time working through the different components of the bike, optimising power output from the legs, trunk and arm position and overall rider comfort.

No two bike fits are the same and it is both a challenge and something I find great enjoyment in to work with a cyclist to improve their riding position and comfort. Unfortunately, pain while riding is a frequent occurrence for some cyclists and a Bike Fit can often be the thing that resolves the issue.

I also work with cyclists to maximise efficiency in the pedal stroke. I often give an exercise program to improve strength, movement control and movement patterns as required, including pedalling drills.

I also work with cyclists to maximise efficiency in the pedal stroke.